What time does the Dog Show start?

  • the show starts at 11am

What time does the show finish?

  • if all runs to plan the show should finish at about 4:15pm

How do I know what time the various classes are?

  • the full schedule of class times will be published on our website by 1st August
  • on the day the full timetable is published in the programme and any additional information can be found at the Registration Desk

How do I know which ring is which?

  • all the rings are numbered, you will see a big flag in the centre of each ring with the number on it
  • the programme, available on the day, contains a detailed diagram of the show ground in the centrefold

How do I enter my dog into a class?

  • please go to the Registration Desk and complete the form supplied, you will be given a number which should be displayed clearly on the handler to ensure the judges can record accurate information

How much does it cost to enter a dog into a class?

  • each entry costs £3

What type of 'talent' does my dog need to display to enter 'My Dog's Got Talent'?

  • can your dog play leap frog, ride a scooter, dance the tango - if your dog can do anything original, hilarious or seriously clever we'd like to see it in action!

What types of refreshments are available at the show?

  • every year we run our own, ever popular, BBQ, serving hot dogs and burgers (all supplied by our favourite local butcher Macken Bros), we also have a bar serving beer, cider and soft drinks and a Wine Bar
  • every year we invite a variety of catering vendors to also attend the show selling things ranging from: coffee, cakes, fresh pizzas, cocktails, churros, Italian ice-creams - for more information on who is attending please visit Twitter or Facebook for regular updates

Do you have to have a dog to attend the show?

  • NO - everyone is welcome with or without dogs!

What does being a volunteer involve and can anyone volunteer to help on the day?

  • each volunteer gives 2 hours of their time on the day and they will be notified of their time slot in advance and told what activity they will be helping with
  • yes anyone can volunteer to help although experience has taught us that children under the age of 8 may be a little too young

How much is the entrance fee to the show?

  • zero, zilch, nada ..... IT'S FREE - there is no entrance fee!

How do I find out about Chiswick House & Gardens?

  • you can either visit the Trust's website www.chiswickhouseandgardens.org.uk or on the day they will have a stall at the show so please feel free to go along and have a chat with them

Are there any rules dog owners should be aware of during the show?

  • YES - all dogs must be kept on leads throughout the day, there are also free poo bags available so please ensure you clear up after your dog
  • for general information about walking your dog in this beautiful garden please see the Code of Conduct page on this website, under 'Dog Friendly W4'

How does the Egg & Spoon Relay Race work?

  • in order to the enter the Egg & Spoon Relay Race you must have 2 adults, 2 children and a dog to form a team
  • each team of 5 then participates in a relay race, with 2 humans from each team at either end of the track - each human then runs the length of the track with the egg & spoon in one hand and their dog on lead in the other, passing the egg & spoon plus dog over to the next participant in their team
  • the winning team from each heat then go on to compete in the final

Who gets a prize?

  • all dogs that come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each class win a prize
  • the winning team in the egg & spoon race wins a prize

Who participates in the 'Best in Show' class?

  • the winning dog from each class automatically has a place in the 'Best in Show' class

What should I do in the case of a medical emergency?

  • we have first aiders, qualified paramedics and an ambulance on site so please notify an organiser (they will be wearing the hi-viz jackets) or go to the cricket pavilion immediately

If I lose someone at the show what should I do?

  • please go to the Information Desk initially and they will notify the cricket pavilion, announcements will be made over the PA system and every assistance will be given
  • please tell children to go to the Information Desk or ask for help from anyone wearing a hi-viz jacket if they are lost

Are there loos on site?

  • yes lots, all the loos are situated to the side of the cricket pavilion, just before the path to the Staveley Road entrance to the park

Where should I put empty bottles and/or litter?

  • we hire lots of recycling bins for bottles, paper and plastic which are situated along the outside perimeter of the cricket pavilion
  • there are also bins placed at various points all around the cricket pitch
  • please help us to keep the ground clean and tidy on the day - if you notice any bins are full please inform an organiser

Will my dog get a rosette?

  • YES - although the dogs that come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each class get placed rosettes every single dog that enters a class will get a 'well done' rosette

How do I enter the photographic competition?

  • please see the relevant section on our website or pick up an entry from from the Information Desk on the day - good luck!

Is there a car park on site?

  • Chiswick House has a public car park, entrance via A4, which is a pay and display car park, please follow the signs to the cricket pitch from the car park entrance
  • there is very limited parking in the adjacent streets so we do encourage people to use public transport

Is there any disabled parking?

  • we can make arrangement for up to two disabled car parking spaces near the Staveley Road entrance to the park but these must be booked in advance, please contact treats@chiswickhousedogshow.org.uk to enquire about availability