For the most part, the classes are self explanatory, but for those that aren’t, here is a bit more detail.

Waggiest Tail
Does your dog never stop wagging its tail? Does it (the tail) go round and round in circles? Then this is the class for you!

Best Rescue
Judged (appropriately) by the Dogs Trust people, this class is looking for the best-looking, the best-behaved, the best-adjusted, the best-groomed rescue dog.

Egg & Spoon Relay Challenge 
2 adults + 2 children + 1 dog = 1 team. Click here for more info.

Best Young Handler
For this the handler needs to be aged seven or older and has to show their expertise at walking their dog, their general handling and the ability to get the dog to sit.

Naughtiest Dog
This is wide open to interpretation! Can you, accompanied by the offender, tell the judges about the worst thing your dog has ever done?

Fancy Dress
For adults and/or children PLUS dog/s. This year we are celebrating 50 years since the first moon landing as our theme, so get your thinking caps on for some great fancy dress ideas!

Next Top Model
Sponsored (and judged) by PetLondon (the UK’s leading animal talent agency), this class is for DOGS OF ALL SIZES AND AGES. It's very popular and because of this it has to be split into two: the first is for dogs under 15Kg and the second for those over 15Kg. It’s important to remember that ‘doggy’ stars are an equal mix between family favourites (spaniels, retrievers, cockapoos, bulldogs) as well as the more exotic breeds. 

My Dog’s Got Talent
Can your dog jump through a hoop, turn a double-somersault, balance a biscuit on its nose? This class gives license to all those dogs with a budding talent to perform the unusual.

Best in Show
Is for the winners of each of the 16 show classes who then compete against each other for the titles of Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show.