Code of Conduct at Chiswick House Gardens


Dog walkers are welcome at Chiswick House Gardens which are for the enjoyment of the whole community. Please respect the rights of all users whilst exercising dogs freely. Chiswick House & Gardens is an area regulated by the London Borough of Hounslow Dog Control Order No. 2 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act. It is an offence not to comply with the following:

  1. Please clear up after your dog in ALL areas of the gardens including lawns, paths and woodland areas. Dog waste bags are kindly provided courtesy of the Dogs Trust and Chiswick House Dog Show (formerly CHOW) and should be deposited in the special dog waste bins located throughout the gardens.
  2. A limit of four dogs per walker is permitted at any one time.
  3. Please respect 'No Dogs' areas which are clearly signposted.
  4. Please place your dogs on lead when directed to do so and respect 'Dogs on Lead' areas which are clearly signposted. The cricket ground is an 'On Lead' area when matches are in progress.
  5. Please do not allow your dog to chase or disturb wildlife within the gardens.
  6. Please do not let dogs disturb other visitors and be especially mindful of children, less mobile users and picknickers. Please do not allow your dog to jump up at other visitors.
  7. Please do not encourage dogs to enter the lake. Owners must not throw objects into the water including balls and sticks.
  8. Dogs must be kept under effective control at all times, ensuring they return when called and before reaching any 'dogs on lead' areas.
  9. Please ensure that your dog has a tag on its collar detailing its owners contact information.  If you should lose your dog in the park please contact one of the Rangers on 07468 524874 (9am-5pm) or the Hounslow Dog Warden on 020 8583 5555.  The House and Gardening staff are unable to assist.

This code has been agreed by Chiswick House & Gardens Trust in consultation with Chiswick House Dog Show Committee (formerly CHOW). The Police, Hounslow Local Authority and Chiswick House Rangers are responsible for the enforcement of the Dog Control Order and this Code.

If you have any queries, you can contact Chiswick House Rangers on 07468 524874.