All profits and proceeds from this event will go to Chiswick House & Gardens Trust to maintain and constantly improve this wonderful, historic oasis in West London.

2023 Chiswick House Dog Show Organising Committee: Simon Bailey, Donna Baker, Justine Clarke, Jane Dormer, Monika Fryzicka, Debbie Kellow, Susan Orchard, Abi Pitcher, Jan Preece, Jacky Sales, Caroline Starkey, Sue Thorne, Gwen Young.

Once Upon a Time

In the not-so-distant past, Chiswick House & Gardens faced challenges, particularly concerning dog waste and insufficient bins. Concerned regular dog-walkers, known as CHOW (Chiswick House Organised Walkers), united to make a change. The threat of dogs being ‘on lead’ throughout the site loomed unless improvements were made.

Taking action with CHOW

To address the issue, CHOW embarked on a mission. Their goal: raise funds to purchase dedicated waste bins and install free dog waste bag dispensers, promoting responsible dog-walking habits. The Dogs Trust joined the cause by providing free bags, but the challenge remained: how to gather the necessary funds?

The birth of the Chiswick House Dog Show

And so, the annual Chiswick House Dog Show was born in 2004, thanks to the collaboration with Chiswick House Friends. The inaugural show, modest with a tent, a ring, and a couple of spaniels, quickly gained momentum. Local businesses and celebrity guests lent their support, transforming the event into what is now the LARGEST FREE FUN DOG SHOW IN LONDON.

From humble beginnings to an extravaganza

What started as a small initiative has blossomed into a beloved community tradition. Today, the Chiswick House Dog Show welcomes everyone, whether they have a furry friend or not. Join us in celebrating the bond between humans and their canine companions, creating memories and promoting responsible dog ownership.

Where the money goes

Your support matters! Chiswick House Dog Show funds vital projects. From garden upkeep to dog waste management, your impact resonates. Thank you for nurturing our historic oasis!

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Support Us

Join Chiswick House & Gardens Trust. Preserve this green haven, enjoy perks, and be a vital part of our community.

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