All profits and proceeds from this event will go to Chiswick House & Gardens Trust to maintain and constantly improve this wonderful, historic oasis in West London.

A paws-itive impact - Support from the Dog Show

Chiswick House and Gardens Trust (Registered Charity No 11092390) is 75% visitor- and supporter-funded, so they simply wouldn’t exist without the brilliant community around them. Over £1million is needed each year to keep this wonderful West London oasis free to roam for everyone, every day.
Chiswick House Dog Show has been a significant contributor to the daily care and development of the historic gardens since 2004, funding essential maintenance and new projects within the grounds, enhancing this 300-year-old haven for everyone’s enjoyment.

Total monies raised:


Where your support goes

Garden maintenance and Tree care

Thanks to the last three Dog Shows, the Organising Committee have contributed over £25,000 towards maintaining the safety and beauty of the grounds and trees, ensuring a safe and beautiful walking environment for dogs and their owners.

Dog waste management

The influx of new furry friends during the pandemic trebled the cost of recycling dog waste, for which Chiswick House & Gardens Trust receive no support from outside sources. Since 2021 the Dog Show Committee have contributed £25,000 towards the cost of this crucial service.

Poo bins revitalised

In 2021/2, Jaimie Cook (one of the gardeners) and Nick Fletcher (a volunteer ranger) rejuvenated the tired poo bins and repaired the poo-bag dispensers, making them more user-friendly. Along with the support of The Rodway Family Charitable Trust, the Dog Show Committee funded these essential refurbishments.

Other Contributions

New golf buggy: Proceeds from the Dog Show, matched by Chiswick House Friends, paid for a new golf buggy, making it easier for the volunteer rangers and gardening staff to carry out their work in the extensive grounds.

Cricket Pavilion fencing: The cricket pitch, host to the annual Dog Show, was given splendid new railings – an asset also used by the local cricket club as well as by the children’s holiday club activities.

Poo bag dispensers: These dispensers, installed at every entrance, provide free biodegradable bags, generously donated by the Dogs Trust. The dispensers were originally designed by engineering students at Richmond College.

Dog-free picnic area fencing: Recognising that not everyone loves dogs (!), the Dog Show Committee funded the railings around this dog-free area close to the Classic Bridge.

Your support at the Chiswick House Dog Show makes a tangible difference, contributing to the upkeep, beauty, and safety of the diverse environment of Chiswick House Grounds.

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