All profits and proceeds from this event will go to Chiswick House & Gardens Trust to maintain and constantly improve this wonderful, historic oasis in West London.

Frequently asked questions

When and Where

The excitement begins at 11 am, so arrive early! We wrap up the fun around 4.15 pm.

The nearest entrance to the ’show ground’ is via the Staveley Road Gate (London W4 3ES), but all paths in Chiswick House grounds lead to the cricket pitch – just look for the signs!

It’s free, there is no charge.

Enjoy a large variety of street food from the catering stalls, as well as real ale, beer, cider, wine and soft drinks at the Dog Show Bar.

Event Schedule and Rings

The class schedule is on our website and available in the show guide on the day from the Information Desk

Each ring is numbered (1 to 3) with a big flag at the ring entrance.

Register on-line via this website, and bring your confirmation email to the Registration Desk on the day. A limited number of places in each class will be available for those who are unable to register on-line.

Each entry is £5 per dog per class.

Can your dog jump through a hoop, lay ‘doggo’ on the ground, dance the fandango? If your pet can do anything original, clever or just plain funny, then we’d love to see your dog in action!

The 1st in each class gets a prize and a special rosette, the 2nd placed dog gets a special rosette; there are 6 “Highly Commended” rosettes, and all the remaining dogs gets a “Well Done” rosette.

Winners from each class automatically enter the prestigious ‘Best in Show.’

Safety and Lost & Found

Paramedics and an ambulance are on site near to the Staveley Road entrance.

Inform one of the organisers (pink Hi-Viz jacket) or go straight to the cricket pavilion and an announcement will be made over the PA system.

Inform one of the organisers (pink Hi-Viz jacket) or go straight to the cricket pavilion and an announcement will be made over the PA system.

On-duty vets are on site. Notify an organiser (in pink Hi-Viz jacket) and/or go straight to the Information Desk.

Please report lost, or take found, property to the Information Desk.

Rules and Facilities

Dogs must be on-lead throughout the day. Also, please see Code of Conduct below.

Yes, by the side of the cricket pavilion, near the Staveley Road entrance.

There are plenty of recycling bins dotted around the show ground, especially near to the catering stalls. Please notify one of the organisers (pink Hi-Viz jacket) if bins are full.

Please put ALL rubbish and recycling in ANY of the big or small bins around the Cricket pitch.

Yes, a pay-and-display (no cash) car park (including blue badge parking) is sited alongside the westbound lane of the A4. Enter via the park gate, and take the right-hand path down towards the lake. From here, the cricket pitch/show ground is just on the other side of the classic bridge.

Up to four Blue Badge parking spaces are available near the Staveley Road entrance BUT these MUST be booked in advance by contacting

Chiswick House & Gardens: A Code of Conduct

Dog walkers are welcome at Chiswick House Gardens, which are for the enjoyment of the whole community. Please respect the rights of all users whilst exercising dogs freely. Chiswick House & Gardens is an area regulated by the London Borough of Hounslow Dog Control Order No. 2 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act. It is an offence NOT to comply with the following:

1. Scoop that poop!

Please clear up after your dog in ALL areas of the gardens including lawns, paths and woodland areas. Dog waste bags are kindly provided courtesy of the Dogs Trust and the Chiswick House Dog Show Organising Committee, and should be deposited in the special dog waste bins located throughout the grounds.

2. Dog walker etiquette

A limit of FOUR DOGS PER WALKER is allowed at any one time.

3. Follow the signs

Please respect ‘NO DOGS’ areas, which are clearly signposted.

4. Keep control

Please place your dogs ON-LEAD when directed to do so and respect ‘Dogs-on-Lead’ areas – these are clearly signposted. The cricket ground is an ‘On-Lead’ area BUT ONLY when matches are in progress.

5. Wildlife and water

Not everyone loves dogs, including wildlife, so please keep them close by and especially do not allow your dog to chase or disturb wildlife by the lake. Whilst dogs are welcome in the lake side area, they are not allowed in the water so, dog owners, PLEASE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEM BY THROWING STICKS OR BALLS INTO THE WATER.

6. Access

Dogs are not allowed inside the House, Conservatory or Shop. HOWEVER, they ARE ALLOWED in the Kitchen Garden on a short lead, and under close control in the Italian Garden.

7. Café area

Dogs are also allowed in the CAFE but should be ON-LEAD in the area outside the café.

8. Assistance dogs

ASSISTANCE DOGS are welcome everywhere!

9. Identification

Please ensure that your dog HAS A TAG on its collar, detailing its owner’s contact information. If you should lose your dog in the park, please contact the Hounslow Dog Warden on 020 8583 5555. The House and Gardening staff are unable to assist.

10. Animal welfare

If you find a STRAY AND/OR UNATTENDED DOG in the grounds, and can secure it safely, please call Hounslow Animal Welfare on 0208 583 2000 Mon-Fri 9-5, and on the out-of-hours line on 0208 583 2222 for the officer on duty at the weekend. Further information can be found at:
Animal welfare | Pest control, welfare and DCOs | London Borough of Hounslow

This code has been agreed by Chiswick House & Gardens Trust in consultation with Chiswick House Dog Show Committee. The Police, Hounslow Local Authority and Chiswick House Rangers are responsible for the enforcement of the Dog Control Order and this Code.